Winter Wardrobe Essentials For Men |

It’s tempting to wear the same winter woollies and coats year in and year out, but there comes a point when you risk looking like a raggedy little boy. If the last time you got a new hat was when your aunt knitted you one for Christmas 2005 and you find yourself hitting the winter months at a loss for what to wear, it’s time to stock up on the winter wardrobe essentials. Once you’ve got the basics under wrap, you’ll be able to minimise your shopping time and be sure you’ll have a suitable outfit for all chilly occasions.Start at the very beginning, and get some thermal underwear on the go. Banish the thought of saggy long johns and old man vests, there are plenty of modern, sporting versions on the market that will keep you roasting even as it turns Baltic outside. Even if you’re not convinced about the vests and shorts, at least make sure you’ve got plenty of pairs of thermal socks in the drawer.Jeans are great for chilly days, but once they get wet they are hard to dry off, leaving you dragging around damp denim all day. Try mixing up your wardrobe with a nice thick pair of grey chinos or flannels instead, and you’ll find they fare better on rainy days. On your top half, layer it up a little, by combining a t-shirt, casual shirt and cardigan for a flexible and warm look, or add a down vest to your normal favourites for the ultimate in easy heat.We all know how comfy trainers are, but there comes a time when they just don’t cut it – normally when you’re sliding around on the ice. Swap your comfort shoes for a decent pair of mountaineering boots and you’ve got your footwear sorted right through the winter months. Keeping your feet dry, offering plenty of grip and looking good with everything from jeans to suits, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better winter option.There are plenty of accessories for helping you keep the chill at bay, and by choosing classics you can guarantee they’ll last you more than one season. So instead of reaching for cheap woollen gloves, why not consider a pair of nice sheepskin ones? Not only will they keep you warmer, but they’ll last much longer too. For your head, stick with something timeless, such as a flat cap, bowler style or basic ski cap.When you’re deep in the throes of winter, there’s no item of clothing that’s a better friend than a decent outdoor coat. Take your time choosing a winter coat, because ideally you’ll want it to complement as much of your existing wardrobe as possible. Buy a winter coat that’s slightly bigger than your normal fit, so you know you’ll be able to wear a jumper or two under it, and go for cosy offerings such as a mens duffle coat or a greatcoat for the best all over coverage.